Cap Verde Travel - Praia

Cap Verde Travel - Praia

By Gigi F

Cap Verde Travel - Praia

Just a short flight from Dakar, are the Cape Verde Islands, an island country in the Atlantic Ocean consisting of 10 volcanic islands. These islands were uninhabited until the 15th century when they were discovered by the Portuguese. Cape Verde gained its independence from Portugal in 1975. 

  • Praia:

Praia, which means beach in Portuguese, is the capital and largest city of Cape Verde. We stayed at this adorable Airbnb, with delicious breakfast included. It was the perfect home base for remote working on their comfortable and spacious outdoor terrace, only minutes away from a cute beach named Kebra with pristine and crystal clear water. 

Mural in Praia, Cape Verde

We spent a lovely week in Praia working as digital nomads, taking beach and swim dips lunch breaks, and enjoying all the great restaurants Praia has to offer. 

  • Tarrafal

Over the weekend, we drove to the small fishing town of Tarrafal, just the drive across the island was worth it with a spectacular view throughout the trip. Between 1936 and 1974, political prisoners were held at a camp, right outside of town. It is now a small museum. Tarrafal was peaceful, laid back, relaxed and it has a beautiful authentic beach. We loved it. I highly recommend for a weekend trip. It has some good hikes in the surrounding national park area. 

Mural in Tarrafal, Cape Verde Island

Mural in Tarrafal, Cape Verde island

Gorgeous empty beach in Tarrafal, Cape Verde

Mural in Tarrafal, Cape Verde

Gorgeous beach with traditional pirogue boats laying on the sand


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