Senegal travel - Saint Louis

Senegal travel - Saint Louis

By Gigi F

Senegal travel - Saint Louis
  • Saint Louis

The third stop in our Senegalese adventure was the city of Saint Louis. The city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. It used to be the capital of Senegal under French colonialism. The city is an island full of pretty faded-colored buildings in shambles, crumbling away, yet full of charm. We stayed in a gorgeous bed and breakfast called Au fil du Fleuve. It's a gorgeous renovated house from the nineteenth century. I loved getting lost in the old town and admiring houses in ruins. It was very charming and quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of Dakar. Make sure to grab a crepe at La Crêpe Saint-Louisienne, an institution since 2013. Do not miss the fish market, smelly but worth it!

Bed and Breakfast in Saint Louis Senegal

The streets of Saint Louis Senegal

The decaying houses of Saint Louis Senegal

  • Langue de Barbarie:

Close to Saint-Louis, there is a national park composed of 4,900 acres of thin sandy peninsula, which separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Senegal River. We spent a few peaceful days at a bed and breakfast named Maison Niokobokk right on the beach. We took long walks, read books and took it all in. 

Bed and breakfast on the beach in Langue de Barbarie national park close to Saint Louis Senegal

A swing on the beach in the Langue de Barbarie National Park close to Saint Louis in Senegal

A traditional pirogue boat on the beach in Langue de Barbarie National Park in Senegal


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