Otomi Pillow Cover - Hand Embroidered - Mexico

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This item is a hand-embroidered Otomi pillow cover that I found one of my many travels to Oaxaca, Mexico. 


My name is Gigi I am a world traveler and expert home decor buyer and designer. I own a home decor boutique in New Orleans on Magazine Street, the vibrant and bustling shopping street of New Orleans. 


My home decor boutique carries only handmade and vintage items from all over the world but especially from Morocco, Oaxaca, in Mexico, Bali, Senegal, and Mali. I hand select every one of the item with care, love and passion. I travel to each country and meet with the artisans directly to assure that it is fair trade and sustainable.


Textiles is one of Mexico’s more important crafts as it represents the continuation of tradition as well as its fusion with modern designs and techniques. Both pre-Hispanic and colonial era style textiles are still made in Mexico. Most handcrafted textiles are produced by the sixty or so indigenous ethnic groups in Mexico, who mostly live in rural areas in the center and south of the country. In these textiles, traditional indigenous designs, and techniques still survive.

One of the most distinctive aspects of indigenous handcrafted textiles is the use of embroidery. Indigenous motifs found on garments range from geometric patterns, themes from nature in woven and embroidered designs include flowers, plants, animals such as squirrels, rabbits, deer, armadillos, doves, hummingbirds, pelicans, seagulls and fish.

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