Care Package

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What's in the box:
- 1 small tray - S: 11" x 9"
- 1 4" white sage bundles
- 1 small corked vials (.8W x 2.55"H) with 20 small matches
- 1 small orange-grapefruit Marseille soaps
- 1 small fig Marseille soaps

All packed with recycled packaging.

- Small tray hand-woven in Senegal with straw and recycled plastic. 
- Premium quality hand-harvested and hand-tied California white sage bundle (4")
- 20 matches with red wood white tip and regular wood red tip mix in small corked vial with adhesive match striker on bottom.
- Authentic Marseille soap, orange-grapefruit and fig scent. 72% vegetable oil, enriched with shea butter. Paraben free, not tested on animals. 100% made in France.

The perfect care package / gift basket for every occasion!

Please note:
All of our products are handmade, delicate, and one-of-a-kind. Products may vary slightly in size and design from photos