Set of 1 pitcher - 6 Espresso Glasses - 6 Water Glasses - Handblown Morocco



Set of 1 "Beldi" Pitcher and 6 "Beldi" glasses and 6 espresso glasses hand-blown in Morocco. Aptly named from the Arabic word for "local". 


The pitcher measures: 8' inches tall by 4' inches wide. It can hold 40 fl oz.

The Beldi glass measure: 4.75' inches tall. It can hold 9 fl oz.

The Beldi espresso glass measures: 3' inches tall by 2' inches wide. It can hold 3 fl oz.


Customarily used for serving warm Moroccan mint tea, the drinking glasses and pitchers are great for sipping fresh juice or wine, but can also be used as decor when filled with a votive candle or a sweet bouquet of wildflowers. They are made out of recycled glass. 


My name is Gigi I am a world traveler and expert home decor buyer and designer. I own a home decor boutique in New Orleans on Magazine Street, the vibrant and bustling shopping street of New Orleans. 


My home decor boutique carries only handmade and vintage items from all over the world but especially from Morocco, Oaxaca, in Mexico, Bali, Senegal, and Mali. I hand select every one of the item with care, love and passion. I travel to each country and meet with the artisans directly to assure that it is fair trade and sustainable.

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